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Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.
Thomas Jefferson


Play our music - just right for what happened to us all when we got a leader with his own agenda and not the peoples.   [will open in separate window]

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WERE GETTING HOSED proudly supports The Jeffersonians - we believe in our inalienable rights, liberties and our pursuit of happiness. Join others in supporting the ideals that made America.

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  AMORAL AUTHORITY by Angelo Gargagliano

AMORAL AUTHORITY weaves contemporary and historical facts into a rich, complex tapestry of unintended consequences. A senior bureaucrat looks for solutions to the federal budget crisis and offers bold, innovative and politically unacceptable ideas.

This is a must read to provoke thoughts within us and perhaps make us begin to be more proactive in our governing. Buy it - read it now:

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Were Getting Hosed.com proudly donates part of its funds to help victims of Breast Cancer and TBI meet their bills, we know and understand how difficult it can be, won't you help out?








Our site has been outdated, without updates recently due to the sad loss of a loved one, a brilliant young woman who beat all odds, running three companies, and fighting breast cancer.

Her loss is horrific, the talent, the brilliance, her love of family and country, Jesicha, we shall miss you.

Jesicha wanted more than anything to have health care available to everyone, giving people the free choice of health care; the ability to allow capitalism to cause competition across state lines for insurance; to allow freedom of treatment choice, having insurance companies pay for alternative health care, giving way to huge savings for insurance companies and better health care for Americans.  Today, we are faced with the probability most of us given the sentence of cancer, will need to make huge decisions regarding our care and what treatments to have. If we chose alternative health care, a choice many oncologists chose themselves, we will need to pay for this out of our own pockets while chemo treatments costing 100 fold more will be paid for by the insurance. This makes no logical sense but to assume, then insurance companies are lead about by pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists.

We will begin to explore how our health care system is hosing us and how we can prevent the hosing from killing us or out loved ones. It is time we helped ourselves, surely the government is not out to help us, 

Obamacare is Wrong This is your moment to be a patriot, help Repeal the Bill. With the help of We the People working hard, electing the right people, we can get Obamacare repealed. Do what it takes.               hit the button now


HOLY MOSES  - HOW THE HEALTHCARE BILL WILL CHANGE PEOPLE LIKE THE 10 COMMANDMENTS  --WHAT??? Rep. Dingell stated at the Healthcare Summit that never since Moses came down from the Mountain with his tablets will people be so changed as when [we] Washington passes Obama's healthcare bill.  SEE THE VIDEO



TEA PARTY MOVEMENT DECLARES IT'S INDEPENDENCE!  The TeaParty Movement announces the Tea Party Declaration of Independence....click

THE MOUNT VERNON STATEMENT - read it and sign it, be part of We The People that are standing up to say we believe in America's founding values.  It is time for you to stand up ........ click

OBAMA WHO IS THIS GUY? AND WHY DOES HE HAVE SO MANY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS??? Most people only have one social security number so why does Obama have many? Should we allow our presidents such mysteries or should we demand a certain amount of transparency from such a high office? Read all about it .... Then chat about it.




These are voters, do you wonder about how well we have educated them?  With the billions of dollars spent every year on education we have this, yet a hundred years ago with little money, mostly one room school houses, we produced great men. So - what do we need all the money for? More attention for qualified teachers, less union interference and children need to know - learn it, no one is going to give you a free ride.

take a good look:

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CPAC - SOME GREAT WORDS....  There were some great speakers and from them great words came:

bulletAlan Charles Kor to minorities: No one who believes you are too weak to live in freedom is your friend.
bulletNewt Gingrich: Land of the free, home of the brave - if you're not gonna be brave, you're not gonna be free.
bulletBrent Bozell: Czars are unelected and unannounced, like maggots - you pick up a rock, you find a czar.
bulletJ.C. Watts: I don't believe America is a normal nation. I believe that it's an exceptional nation.



OBAMACARE WILL NOT DIE - PLEASE DO NOT RESUSCITATE ---- with Nancy Pelosi at his side and the rest of his supporters holding the oxygen mask to this plan Obamacare is going for one more try .... how???

America - Why do We love her?

John Mitchum could have written it better - let him tell you why-------




Keep Us Free - We must stand up and speak lest we be told to sit down and shut up - that will be the end to all freedoms. N.A.N. 2005

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